Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

I have been writing this blog for sometime and want to try writing it in English a bit. And it isn´t always this gloomy.

Is a free festival in Munich they revived as far as I understood it. That´s what I heard when a man introduced by a lady that looked like a teacher in her first year talked about the event. But I was generally comparing the setting to a school so I was not listening vary attentively to the "director". The first band can not have been older than 17, 18. It all looked a bit like a school but with carpeted floors. It is actually something like an opera with different sized auditoriums. One of my friends told us that his hairdresser would be there. Apparently he makes "nintendo music". So I constantly looked out for this guy. The man who Dj-ed at my birthday is a hairdresser as well. He calls himself Frank the rocking hairdresser or something in that fashion. The other guys we are there with are talking about old bands they used to listen to. Every time we see them they are still going on about it.
"They are still touring? This is so cool!"
" Yes, they have a new album out!"
"So cool!"
"What, you don´t know them?"
This festival was about digital and analoge things. There was a man on the floor furiously scribbling on a piece of cardboard creating sounds that were recorded by microphones and boomed at the onlookers (I guess digital). The girl in the glass box with skin coloured underwear must have been representing the analog part. Drinks are not allowed in the auditorium. There are local and regional young bands on the schedule.
I am especially looking forward to Missent to Denmark. I have seen them before and bought their CD. They play a good concert. Atmosphere is different from the other time. Their performance is backed up by videoinstallations on a big screen.

Unfortunately the beer doesn´t help much this evening. It all feels kind of stale. And Saturday is a work day for me. I buy the inevitable button and walk to the subway.

General knowledge
With job applications it´s different from university applications. You dread the big envelope. Big envelope from the university means welcome and we are sending you all the important information you need to get prepared and maybe survive the first weeks in a better condition than without. Small envelope means we wish you all the best, get your degree somewhere else. But university is over and now the big envelope means: we are sending your application back to you because we don´t need it and you neither.